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People are your organization's most valuable asset.

Each day they are challenged by events in their lives that affect their emotional and physical well-being. How they approach these events affect how well they perform both personally and professionally.

Life Advantages provides an array of resources, unmatched in quality, breadth, and accessibility, designed to support, guide, educate, and solve issues that affect well-being and productivity. Our products and services are tailored to meet the unique need of each organization and can include in person, telephonic, and web-based support.

The depth of our resources allows us to provide customized solutions for a multitude of markets. Our products meet the needs of organizations in the following marketplaces:
  • Affinity Groups
  • Associations
  • Disease Management and Wellness Companies
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Insurers and Health Plans
  • Life and Disability Companies
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Individual Employers
  • Professional Employment Organizations (PEO’s)
  • Unions
  • Universities
To learn more about how we can help your organization solve issues that affect well-being and productivity call (727)381-9446 or select Web Based Resources or Telephonic and In-Person Resources.
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