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OneStorm is a product of Ah-Ha! Media, the e-learning division of Life Advantages, a life event solutions provider. Our products provide resources that improve the emotional and physical well-being of clients' members or employees delivered through a comprehensive array of in-person, telephonic and web-based channels.

OneStorm is the Internet's most comprehensive and user-friendly hurricane preparedness, response and recovery resource - provided free to all individuals. OneStorm's mission is to provide the resources and the motivation to prepare families and their homes for the potential damages caused by powerful hurricanes.

We've studied the core preparedness requirements developed by FEMA, the American Red Cross and state and local emergency management agencies. We've recognized that in order to provide answers to hurricane concerns, a solution is needed that builds on these core requirements and customizes hurricane preparedness needs to individuals, their locations and their families.

OneStorm is the solution. By developing a two-part program - OnePlan and OneSource - we not only create a solid foundation to build preparedness upon, but also empower individuals with the confidence that they are prepared for whatever hurricane season may blow their way.

Members and Needs

OnePlan begins with the most important element of hurricane preparedness: the people being protected. Adding People and Locations begins the OnePlan Process. The information supplied by users creates the format and the requirements that will be used to tailor the emergency plan to their needs. Here, individuals can create a plan for their own families, pets or for relatives living in areas threatened by frequent hurricane activity.

Planning to Stay

The value of OnePlan's Planning to Stay section is in its ability to prepare those remaining at home - for whatever reason - with the resources to sustain a positive quality of life during and after a hurricane.

The Planning to Stay Section is comprised of 7 checklists: food and water, first aid, lighting, personal hygiene, baby care, communication and other items. These lists include the hurricane preparedness items necessary if an individual's family was to decide to wait out a violent storm from inside their home. As with other OnePlan resources, these checklists are personalized to the individual's location, family size and special needs.

Planning to Go

There are more reasons to leave a hurricane-threatened area than just receiving an order to evacuate. Families with ailing or elderly members may wish to leave at the first warning of a hurricane, especially if special medical equipment is required to maintain their quality of health. Families with children often choose to leave ahead of violent storms to spare their younger members the fear and uneasiness associated with hurricanes.

Our Planning to Go section is designed to help individuals provide for their plans' members, should they decide - for whatever reason - to leave their "home base." Here are the Planning to Go Features users can expect:
  • Flood Risk Assessment: Using the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) database, we conduct a flood-risk assessment. We use this information to educate individuals on the seriousness of their risk and even estimate the damage to homes at different flood levels.

  • Shelter Locator: OnePlan has a database of shelters for multiple states to help users identify the ones closest to their location. Should no shelter information be available for an area, we connect users to their local emergency management office for further information.

  • Grab-and-Go Folder: This handy, ready-to-go folder contains originals or copies of the important documents, paperwork and information that would take years to rebuild, should the they become lost during severe weather.

Finalizing Your Plan

Once users have entered all of the necessary information and reviewed the materials suggested through OnePlan's checklists, they are brought to our Finalizing Your Plan section. Here, users can print a single report or a particular section of information they have provided for their plan. This hardcopy can be posted with their emergency supplies or with the Grab-and-Go Folder for when an emergency plan needs to be put into action.

Finalizing Your Plan also features a Shopping List. This list is composed of all the emergency supplies and materials users noted as "needing" from each of the previous sections. OnePlan carefully lists each of the needed items in an easy-to-follow format, so individuals can check off what they've recovered and what is still missing.

Individuals complete OnePlan by setting update and contact preferences for their information and approaching storms. Users are consistently reminding of the anytime, anywhere availability of this powerful tool.

OnePlan Commercial

OneStorm also offers a commercial version for business of all shapes and sizes. Just think of the benefit of having a workforce complete an emergency preparedness plan before the start of hurricane season. Not only would business be providing for the safety and security of their employees, but they would also be reducing operational downtime after a storm. Prepared employees have less risk of physical, financial and emotional loss, thus enabling them to return to the workplace faster, and more importantly, more productive.

Please contact us to discuss the pricing OnePlan provides for this essential human resources solution to businesses operating in known severe-storm environments.

Corporate Preparedness Report (CPR)

The key to OneStorm's OnePlan commercial product is the Corporate Preparedness Report (CPR). The CPR complies data from all employee reports to reveal how prepared a company is to face severe weather. The CPR can be broken down by location, division, etc. to provide various levels of depth to the report across the entire organization.

Motivating Your Employees

Our Motivating Your Employees addition to the OnePlan commercial product is designed to help managers develop strategies that will reach their employees need to be prepared. We even provide motivational materials that are designed to teach managers how to encourage those that believe "a storm will never hit me."


OneSource is a free, educational network of articles from FEMA, American Red Cross, CDC and dozens of other trusted and respected content providers. Developed alongside OnePlan, OneSource is designed to serve as a companion program, enhancing an individual's hurricane preparedness, response and recovery knowledge.

OneSource covers the physical, emotional and financial effects of severe weather, so users are prepared before and after a hurricane. We provide access to hundreds of content options - articles, videos, interactive courses, FAQs, etc. - in one, easy-to-navigate location. This unparalleled usability puts the information individuals need into their hands - helping them find solutions not additional problems.
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