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Did You Know?

Balanced Living
Three-fourths of job seekers surveyed said work-life balance was at the top of the list of factors that are important to them. - New York Times; Work & Family Connection

70% of employees don't think there is a healthy balance between work and personal life - True Careers survey

Child Care
For dual career couples with kids under 18, the combined work hours have grown from 81 a week in 1977 to 91 - Families and Work Institute

76% of the 4.3 million people with developmental disabilities live at home, a quarter of them cared for by a family member who is at least 60 years old. - Parents Caring for a Disabled Child Confront Aging, Wall Street Journal

The top five chronic causes of workplace disability:
  • Lower back disorders
  • Depression
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Pulmonary diseases
- Human Capital magazine

One in five Americans reports some form of disability, while one in nine children receives some type of special education. - HR Innovator magazine

Elder Care
  • The majority of both men and women (54% of the men and 56% of the women) report the need to modify their work schedules and miss some work as a result of caregiving. - The MetLife Study of Sons at Work: Balancing Employment and Eldercare,

  • The Society for Human Resource Management reports that eldercare may well be the benefit of the early 21st century that makes a company competitive for attracting and keeping reliable and productive employees. - Work & Family Newsbrief

  • Today, the average lifespan is in the mid-70s, and the majority of people die from the consequences of a chronic condition. This means caregiving situations typically last years or decades. - National Alliance for Caregiving

  • Caregivers use prescription drugs for depression, anxiety and insomnia two to three times as often as the rest of the population. - National Alliance for Caregiving
  • E-training courses have crept up to about 16% of all methods used, according to the latest State of the Industry Report from the American Society for Training & Development. - Work & Family Newsbrief

  • The demand for time management and stress management training has tripled in the last 12 months, according to Maryland-based Training Services on Demand. -
Violence in the Workplace
  • Workplace violence claims about two million victims each year. The resulting injuries and trauma translate to $13.5 billion in medical costs and 1.75 million days of work lost each year. - The HR Specialist newsletter
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