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Effective Online Compliance Training
We offer four interactive, online compliance training courses in the areas of Sexual Harassment, Ethics, Diversity, and Workplace Violence. The courses may be taken anytime, anyplace with tools that allow learners to pause and revisit the material during a busy workday. Courses are divided into multiple, shorter topic modules that only require about 20 minutes a piece. Our experts design enjoyable learning experiences for both employees and supervisors. The training can be delivered to 1 or 1 million employees and is branded with your company’s information and the employer’s policies.

Course Information: Sexual Harassment (AB 1825 Compliant)
Sexual harassment hurts productivity, damages morale and costs employers millions of dollars each year. If an employer is aware of an instance of sexual harassment in the workplace, that employer becomes liable for the consequences. This course will:
  • Demonstrate the law and examine each employee's role
  • Examine rights and responsibilities in dealing with sexual harassment
  • Discuss how to deal with and resolve problems
  • Help employers develop and enforce a clear company policy
Professional Ethics & Code of Conduct
Most employees do not knowingly violate a law or policy. Instead, many ethical violations occur when an employee is faced with a difficult choice that requires the employee to balance competing interests where the right choice is not clear. This effective ethics course addresses the "gray areas" and provides employees practical skills for identifying and resolving these ethical dilemmas. This course will cover topics such as:
  • Confidential Information
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Putting Ethics Into Practice
  • Ethical Leadership for Supervisors
Diversity & Discrimination in the Workplace
The demographics in the 21st Century American workplace are ever-changing. Understanding diversity and the risks of discrimination can help any organization move ahead to achieve their goals, objectives and increase their return on investment. This course will cover topics such as:
  • Defining diversity
  • Recognizing how biases impact the workplace
  • See how professional behavior supports a diverse workplace
  • Creating a Diversity Implementation Plan
Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects all business sectors and occupations and the safety and security of every employee and employer. This course will cover topics such as:
  • What is workplace violence?
  • Behaviors associated with workplace violence
  • Sources of violent behavior in the workplace
  • Workplace violence prevention
Not sure if you or your clients need compliance training?
This brief presentation will easily help you navigate the sometimes complex requirements of compliance training. Click here to view Understanding Compliance Training Requirements in 8 Minutes.

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