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Mark Schoder
Mark Schoder is co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Life Advantages. His 28-year career has focused entirely on the life insurance and healthcare industries. Mark's experience has been equally divided between his time spent on Wall Street and his time as a senior financial advisor in major multi-billion dollar life and health insurance companies.

His experience on Wall Street involved working as both a Research Analyst as well as an Investment Banker. He was significantly involved in approximately 50 transactions including mergers and acquisitions, IPO's, follow-on debt and equity offerings and strategic analysis. He published research reports on over 40 different public life and health insurance companies. He was named three times to the Wall Street Journal's All Star team for his outstanding research work. He worked for Alex Brown & Sons, Drexel Burnham and Conning & Company, the largest insurance investment-banking boutique.

Mark worked for several large insurance companies. Most recently (1995-1998) he was Sr. Vice President of John Alden Corporation, a $7 billion health and annuity company. He was hired by the Board of Directors to advise them on strategic opportunities. He held a similar position at ICH Corporation, a multi-billion acquisition-oriented company whose subsidiaries included Bankers Life and Health, Philadelphia Life and Southwestern Life. He spent several years at General Reinsurance working on designing and accounting for all of their tax and financial-related reinsurance treaties. In his early professional years he was responsible for all of the internal and external reporting at CIGNA.

Erin Griffin
Erin is Vice President of Business Development for Life Advantages. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida where she received degrees in both Marketing and Communications. Erin was previously the Sales Manager at TrueFire's Mail Dog where she increased the email marketing firm's client base by 400% in three years.

Erin's other professional endeavors have included myriad copywriting projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies, specifically high profile clients in the pharmaceutical industry, and content creation and editing for, the online division of the Home Shopping Network.

Pete Lewis
Pete Lewis is the Vice President of Operations for Life Advantages. He is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company and overseeing the various projects that are developed by in-house and out-of-house teams. His background in project management and customer development and support has helped to strengthen the core leadership team within Life Advantages.

Pete is a graduate of Syracuse University. He previously worked with Synygy Inc. and oversaw the development and deployment of Incentive Compensation Plans for the sales forces of several large pharmaceutical companies. This position expanded his responsibilities into the global sphere and offered him the opportunity to coordinate the efforts of teams outside the United States, including Romania and India.

Pete has also worked as a software engineer for the Sprint PCS Fraud Management Department. While with Sprint, he built applications that specialized in the detection and prevention of fraud on Sprint's expanding cellular network. His work contributed to a significant reduction in fraudulent activity - the lowest levels reported in the industry at that time.

Eric Steiner
Eric Steiner is the Senior Content Developer for Life Advantages and is responsible for managing Life Advantage's Creative Services team and overseeing content production and implementation. He holds a B.A. in Writing from the University of Tampa, where he also studied English, Fine Art and Music.

Prior to joining the Life Advantages' team, he helped grow the Content Department for, the online division of the Home Shopping Network. During his time with HSN, Eric organized, trained and oversaw a team of writers developing creative product content. His efforts added $42 million in additional sales through to the parent company for the third and fourth quarters of 2001.

Eric's professional positions also include time as a Middle School Teacher and as a writer for the Tampa Review - a journal of Legal and Business news for the greater Tampa Bay area.
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