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Web Solution for EAP



Web Solution for EAP

Without an online component, a regional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) faced increased competition and a potential loss of business. Due to client demands they needed to develop an online solution and work-life content to complement their face-to-face and telephonic services. As is true with most regional EAPs, they did not have the resources to build, host and manage these services in-house. Also, most outside providers are too expensive and require the EAP to provide services to their entire covered population up front.

Life Advantages worked with the client to create a branded, web-based solution that could augment their preexisting offline components. Our Creative Development team worked with the client to create a branded version of our online life event education portal. This portal would offer best-in-class content and interactive tools that help members navigate major life areas. Through a series of content development meetings, it was decided that health, finance, legal, mental health and balanced life were the major life areas that would be the focus of the program.

While the Technical Services team began to layout the architecture that would be necessary to build a full-service website, the Creative Development team began outlining the "look and feel" of the portal. Creating an appealing design that conveyed professional, quality content was top-of-mind for the client. With a colorful palette chosen to reflect the "better living" solutions offered by the client, the team turned its attention to content development. In a few short weeks, the combination of a sound site architecture and a strong navigational design culminated in a comprehensive web presence.

With the launch of the enhanced web component, the client immediately saw the initial decline of its membership halt and a sudden spike in enrollment. By working closely with Life Advantages' Creative Development team to create a collection of online and offline marketing tools, the client was able to reenter the marketplace with a strong lead. Membership continued to climb. With their web-based services attracting new users and keeping older members coming back for more, the client was able to focus on their own unique services.
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