We create innovative, end-to-end web solutions for EAPs.
Let's see what we can do for you.

We create innovative, end-to-end web solutions for EAPs. We also specialize in engaging, leading-edge self-help resources.

Personal Advantage
Our flexible, versatile platform serves more than 20K resources in both English and Spanish in the areas of health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, financial, legal, and personal/professional growth. Resources include courses, assessments, forms, calculators, quizzes, videos, articles, and much more.

We have crafted a highly customizable platform that can be manipulated to integrate seamlessly into your existing brand. Clients truly come to understand our motto, Get What You Want, when we show them what we can do (which is, of course, whatever they tell us they want).

Student Advantage
The quirky, college freshman counterpart to Personal Advantage, Student Advantage is our answer to the issues modern college students face. The perfect compliment to your Student Assistance Program, Student Advantage offers the resources real students need, from freshman dorm concerns to balancing work and family when you return to school as an adult.

The Resilience Journey
An engaging, interactive experience that takes you on an enlightening journey that will open your eyes to your life's purpose while teaching you about the five core components of resilience: purpose, self-reliance, perseverance, equanimity, and existential aloneness.

This two-hour program is available online or for use as an APP via the iTunes store or Google Play. The Resilience Journey merges seamlessly into Personal Advantage.

Work Life Training
Life Advantages developed a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) in 2005. We have served over 150 unique training courses to more than 100K end users since its launch. We currently offer 64 off-the-shelf, soft-skills training courses on our LMS, as well as custom trainings built just for clients. We are also happy to announce a robust expansion of the Training Center that will include more than 100 new training titles.

We have also worked with clients to develop custom trainings ranging from EAP orientations to Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness. Courses may include interactive elements, audio, graded tests, policies, completion certificates, and more.

Work Life Webinars
We offer live monthly webinars with field experts that include a 45 minute talk and a 15-minute, moderated question and answer session. Our experts speak on topics ranging from emotional intelligence to estate planning. All of the speakers in our stable are experts in their respective fields and seasoned presenters. All of the talks are recorded and archived for users to view on-demand at any time (along with downloadable materials from the presenter). Our webinar series has helped many clients increase utilization and we are proud of the consistently great feedback we receive from attendees.

Our motto is: Get What You Want. We achieve that for each and every customer using the following guideposts:

We have continually developed new products and services to stay relevant and current in an ever-changing industry. We are always eager to find the next great solution.

All of our content, interactive resources, and online self-improvement and training tools are best-in-class. We license everything from premiere vendors (like Krames Staywell, Educated Investor, NOLO Legal Press, NBC Universal) and when we can't find what we need we work with industry experts to create it ourselves.

Our motto says it all: Get What You Want. Just ask our clients and they'll tell you: we love to say yes. We're open to new ideas, custom solutions, and wild collaborations.

We also pride ourselves on the absolute best service around. Our account management, operations, and content teams work together to proactively and reactively address all of our clients' needs as quickly as possible.

We use technology and efficiency to our advantage. Our products are unique and customizable, but still competitively priced. We value long-term relationships over short-term profits and we'll prove it to you.

While everything we create is innovative and high quality, we want to make sure it looks great, too. Our design team works hard to use emerging design trends to make our products shine.

Founded in 2000, Life Advantages is an innovative technology company that has partnered with more than 70 EAPs in the last 15 years to create unique, customized solutions. We currently provide our products to more than 30K employer groups, covering more than 7 million lives.

We are a small, but mighty, team of innovators with decades of experience in the EAP industry.

Erin Griffin: The Interpreter
Erin works on making everything around here sound good and look good, and enjoys peering through her creative and editorial lenses equally. She brings nearly 20 years of work in communications to the group (more than half of which have been spent at Life Advantages). She loves working in downtown St. Petersburg, just a few miles from where she grew up (though the city is a lot different, and a lot more interesting, these days). When she isn't working, she likes picking up the Legos her toddler leaves everywhere, cooking, and learning to be a silversmith.

Kyle Zipp: The Master Builder
Kyle spends most of his time in notepad and databases making sure the websites and software at Life Advantages are functional and optimized, both for clientele and colleagues. Although Kyle has only been at Life Advantages for a couple of years now, he has dedicated more than half of his life to coding. The satisfaction of beginning a project with a few fragmented pieces and ideas to building a completed product started with building LEGO sets as a child. As an adult, his passion for both LEGO and developing advanced software continues.

Mark Schoder: The Facilitator
Prior to starting Life Advantages in 2000, Mark's background was primarily working as a researcher and investment banker on Wall Street focused on the health insurance industry. His key strength was analyzing opportunities that would provide innovation in the industry and determining which companies had the culture and leadership to take advantage of such. His main focus now is to evaluate new products and relationships that allow Life Advantages to create programs and partnerships that best serve the needs of its current and future customers. Mark has a wonderful wife of 39 years and two self-confident sons in their mid-twenties.

Pete Lewis: The Architect
Pete is responsible for finding new and innovative ways to implement and update Life Advantage's many product offerings. He has spent over 10 years focusing specifically on the technological aspects of the EAP industry. When he is not looking at a computer screen, he is busy teaching his two sons how to play the guitar and drums as well as taking long walks on the beach with his wife and bragging to his family in Philadelphia about how much better the weather is in Florida. Oh, and he also wanted to make sure you knew that he graduated from Syracuse University.

Tim Dunn: The Actualizer
Tim specializes in holding down the fort at the home office; making sure our support system stays under control and our clients stay happy. Before directing daily operations here, he worked as a mental health counselor with UMass Medical Center, a child abuse shelter manager with The Salvation Army, Operations Manager for an international corporate services firm, and a fiberoptic splicer with Verizon. Despite his wide variety of former careers and his ADHD, he's proud to have enjoyed Life Advantages enough to last nearly a decade. After finishing his task list for the day he's likely working on a building/construction job.

Interested in learning more? We'd love to give you a tour of our products and answer your questions.

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